Theory of Instructional Strategies

Information Technology for Education

KUME Hiroshi

Associate Professor

  • The Degree
    M.A. ( TOHOKU University ) 1986
  • The Theme
    1. Development of the textbooks and teaching materials based on educational technology
    2. Development of the database on the local knowledge and belief systems ( ru-bar system )
    3. Reconstruction of naive knowledge ( ru-bar system )
  • Research Publications
    1. Kume, H. (2002), Universities in Information-oriented Society, Yasuaki, S. & Setsuro, O. (Eds.), Daigaku towa nanika(How do you think about the university), Fukuoka: Kaichousha, pp.165-183. (in Japanese)
    2. Kume, H. (1999), Computer Network and Character Formation, Yasuaki, S. & Toshihiko, T. (Eds.), The Foundation and Development of Education, Tokyo: Colere Inc, pp.133-146. (in Japanese)
    3. Shinbe, K. & Kume, H. (2002), A Development of Supporting System for the Exchange of Ideas and Opinions of Undergraduate Students (2), JET2-3, pp.27-32. (in Japanese)
    4. Ishida, C. & Kume, H. (2002), A research on the requirements to learn essentials of nursing practice – a case of F school of nursing -, JET2-3, pp.59-64. (in Japanese)
    5. Kume, H. (2002),A Trial Study of Teaching with the use of Web-based Opinion-Referring System for the Undergraduate Students, Kyushu Journal of Higher Education, No.8, pp.87-101. (in Japanese)
  • Remark
    • Those who want to study under my guidance are expected to make substantial use of Japanese in reading, writing and speaking. For further information, click here (unofficial page in Japanese).
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